Our Mission

It is our goal and mission to serve outstanding chiropractic care to members of our community, educate, inspire, and provide affordable care in a caring, professional environment.

Our goal is not only to alleviate pain, but we vow to educate and inspire our patients to become active participants in their own well being and health.

We honor a holistic approach where we treat the entire person; not just their symptoms. We believe the body has the ability to heal itself when functioning on optimal levels. Through this approach, we are better able to help our patients achieve optimal levels of health and wellness.

Our staff is trained in the many aspects of the healing field to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible!

In the chiropractic world, keeping the problem fixed and preventing its reoccurrence is just as important as the initial remedy. Detect and correct any small problems before they become big ones with natural chiropractic care!

Areas we serve:
We are located on West Broadway in North Minneapolis and have been serving the twin cities community since 2003. We serve all surrounding areas as well